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The Concept

The A.N.T is designed to enhance humanitarian organizations such as the United Nations for transportation of food, water, medical supplies and housing units to disaster stricken areas. Having swift as well as all-terrain capabilities, the A.N.T incorporates a new efficient system of distribution running on two modes of transportation.

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo

The Current Situation

Everyday we are witnessing unavoidable effects of the global climate crisis more and more.The disasters created by this phenomenon are impacting all parts of the world and due to this; there is a high need for a quick and effective aid response for those suffering areas. In addition, current crisis response organisations faces many unexpected situations which results in essential time being lost. Thus, by addressing these issues we can enhance the current response and ultimately preserve more human lives.  


Drawing inspiration from the anatomy and mentality of ants themselves, the A.N.T adopts styling cues from the aesthetics of ants being a 6-wheeled vehicle with an abdomen-like supply unit. In addition, the vehicles carrying and distribution purpose relates to the ants ability to carry 10-50 times their own body weight, and travel quickly and efficiently over any terrain. The A.N.T was also inspired by the system in which groups of ants will travel back and forth to transport their food and supplies to their nest. This has been incorporated into the vehicles system of distribution.

Generation of Ideas

The Modes

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed

Rapid Mode

In this mode, the vehicle will be travelling at great speeds back to headquarters to load up another supply unit. With its head rotated downwards, it centres the gravity on the vehicle allowing it to be more safe, efficient and agile. Having large, unique, all-terrain suspension, the vehicle will be able to travel anywhere. In addition, the function and mentality of the vehicle in rapid mode is also shown through its aesthetics. It is seen to give the sense of speed and maneuverability

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo

Transport Mode

In this mode, the vehicle will be travelling into the disaster affected area carrying much needed supplies. Travelling in groups, these vehicles will efficiently journey through hazardous and rough terrain. Although in this mode, the vehicle may not be able to travel as fast as its other mode due to the weight, it is still able to utilize its all terrain capabilities and hence arrive to its destination fast. Due to the headpiece rotated upwards, its aesthetics are totally changed from its other mode. The vehicle now looks more authoritative, grounded and safe, giving the impression that it is on a mission. 

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo

Temporary Housing

The ability to transform the supply unit into a temporary housing is another efficient way in aiding people in need. With a simple rotation of the side panels, the unit is able to expand into a shelter either for medical procedures, food and water distribution points or a shelter for the public. The housing also has its own electricity and clean water generators. In addition, when the unit expands, the supplies are already inside the shelter ensuring an efficient and instantaneous distribution. 

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed

The System

The A.N.T runs on a unique system especially designed for a more rapid response in transporting supplies. In its transport mode, the A.N.T will carry slightly less supplies than current conventional trucks but thus allowing it to travel faster and tackle harsher terrain. Travelling in groups, the A.N.T will leave the headquarters and head towards the disaster stricken area. At arrival, the vehicle will efficiently deploy the supply unit. Once deployed, the A.N.T will then rotate its front 90 degrees downwards, transforming into its Rapid mode. In this mode, the vehicle will then quickly travel back to headquarters ready to load up another supply unit. In addition, the deployed supply unit at the destination will expand, creating an instant temporary housing for medical shelters, distribution points or shelter for people in need. 

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading the supply unit is an easy and efficient procedure due to the unique suspension. Whilst in Rapid mode, the vehicle simply lines itself in front of the supply unit. From here, the vehicle will lower itself whist rotating the head piece. Guided by electronics, the vehicle will then reverse into the supply unit. Once connected, the vehicle simply lifts up and drives off. 

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed


Due to the individually powered wheels and suspension, the A.N.T will travel along the contour of the ground ensuring a comfortable and safe trip on any terrain. The unique suspension also allows the A.N.T to lower itself to create less wind resistance or raise itself higher to create more ground clearance when entering unexpected terrain.

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed

Ingress and Egress

The A.N.T will be accessed differently depending in which mode it is in. Because of its unique suspension, when entering or exiting the vehicle in its transport mode, the vehicle will kneel down placing the driver closer to ground level. The glass canopy will then split in two whilst the driver seat will extend out further lowering the driver to ground level. In rapid mode, the vehicle simply lowers itself to ground level, while the glass canopy splits in two. From here, the driver simply climbs in and out using steps and handles built into the frame itself.


Safety of the driver is important due to unpredictable terrain, therefore not only will the glass be reinforced but truss beams will line the edge of the glass which will take the impact of any unexpected events. 

Technical Issues

The A.N.T will be powered by six industrial electric in-wheel motors. The rotational movements are powered by rotational hydraulics.

A Possible Future

Today we designing many products which we hope will solve the global warming issue, however we also must not forget to design to address what may happen if the worse occurs.Although the A.N.T is seen currently as a concept, we hope due to technological advances, implementing such a vehicle will be possible. Through its innovative system, aesthetics and design, the A.N.T provides a direction in preserving human life when the growing number of natural disasters occur.

The A.N.T will hopefully inspire others to design for the right reasons and to be open to redesign from scratch.

ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed
ANT Aid necessities transporter Bryan Lee Bleed Similo

The A.N.T will be featuring in Zac and Macs (BlackMilk) upcoming short film 'SIMILO'. 

Similo - Short Film

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