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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website. Since you’re here, I figure that you’ll like to know a bit about me so here it goes.


My name is Bryan Lee and I am based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been working as a freelance concept designer since the beginning of 2013 and have been enjoying every moment of it. So how did I get here? Here’s a short background on how I got to where I am today.


Since young, my parents have always encouraged me to pick up a pen and draw. Throughout primary school and highschool, the desire to draw quirky objects and characters became so common that I would occasionally get in trouble with the teachers because of the constant ‘graffiti’ on textbooks and homework. But this didn’t stop me from wanting to pursue a future in the creative field.


In Year 11, I discovered Industrial Design and it particularly appealed to me because my creativity could be brought to reality. However, like many young aspiring designers, I saw design as purely aesthetical and just wanted to design things that looked cool. It wasn’t until I was not accepted into the Industrial Design course at Monash University in Melbourne did I realize the true meaning behind design. I realized that design is about a deeper connection between the user and the design outcome and is fundamentally problem solving.


With my newfound mindset, I completed a Diploma in Applied Design and was then accepted into the Monash Industrial Design course in 2006.  

Monash was a life-changing experience, and throughout has always encouraged me to design with emotion. It taught me to give meaning and direction to my designs, whilst relating the form with its function and beautifying it with styling techniques. Although Industrial Design was my main focus, I was always inspired by concept art and design and had always kept it in the back of my mind. In 2009, I graduated from Monash with Bachelor of Industrial Design (with honours) and was eager to enter the workforce.


In 2010, I began my career in the automotive industry at Ford Motor Company Australia as a Visualization designer. Here, I learnt many new skills, accumulated knowledge about how a corporation is run and met many new friends. However, as time went by, I felt as though something kept inkling in the back of my mind. I wanted to experience more than just the automotive industry and so my pursuit of being a concept designer surfaced and began at the end of 2012. The freedom and flexibility of concept design has always intrigued me as it allows me more opportunities to produce work that distinctly interest me. – Sci-fi, especially machinery and mechas!  


Since then, i have become a fulltime freelance designer. I am continuing to learn and discover a whole new world with a constant thirst for knowledge. Driven by the excitement of unknown possibilities I truly believe that this path will allow me to express my personality and create things I have always dreamt about. 


Thank you for your time and I hope you have enjoyed my website! Please do not hesitate to contact me via the 'contact' page if you would like to get in touch. 


Thank you!




Bryan Lee


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